"Sound/Possibility Wave" is a NYC Dept. of Culture Percent for Art commission currently in progress. The sculpture is designed for the lobby of PS335Q in Ozone Park, Queens, where it will be suspended from the 24 ft high ceiling.

Inspired by the nearby Jamaica Bay, the piece is a 3D interpretation of digital visualizations of sounds from the ocean. The artwork also playfully references the potentially far-reaching possibilities implied in quantum waves.

The sculpture is to be constructed out of plexiglass and will measure
6 ft tall, 4 ft deep and 15 ft wide (1,8m x 1,2m x 4,5m). Installation is expected to take place in the fall of 2017.

Project budget: $50,000.00
Fabrication and installation: Artisan Fabricators

 In progress Plexiglass, steel  In progress  In progress Plexiglass, steel  In progress Plexiglass, steel
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