I am a multidisciplinary artist fascinated by the creative intrigue in the natural world. Although most of its machinations are hidden and completely elude me, I am seduced by the sheer and relentless purposefulness. Up close, organic life reveals a remarkably diverse cosmos were every color, shape, size and texture has its rightful place, signaling their highly specialized meanings. Characterized by constant metamorphosis of unmatched ingenuity, nature continuously mutates in its attempt to bypass or integrate obstacles in its path. Art mirrors the natural world in this ceaseless search for change. Shifting and morphing as it reacts to the world, art persistently expands and revises its own definition. At the heart of my practice lies an interest in this magic of transformation: the purposeful process through which a thing, place, state, or being is changed into something entirely different. Vital to any existence, I see creativity as a rebellion against stasis.

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